François Zielemans

Curious, Experienced

The Digital Manifesto and me

The journey resulting in the Digital Manifesto started in 2009 when Hendrik Wester and I decided to start a boutique consulting firm specializing in advising CIOs on the impact of digitalization on their operating models. We thought the worst of the financial crisis from 2007 was behind us and that we would be able to catch the next wave of economic growth. Turns out that fortune telling was not our forte. In 2011, we decided to close the firm and joined two different IT service providers in executive positions.

The Digital Manifesto is the survivor of our short but extraordinary period as entrepreneurs. I started working on the concept in July 2011 and over a period of five years, and several rewrites, it eventually resulted in a book and this website.

Several of my ideas that eventually ended up in the Digital Manifesto were published on this blog between 2009 and 2012.

About me

The impact of digitalisation on companies and the society is my key area of interest. As a consultant, executive and author, I share and implement my thoughts, constantly refining them in the process. See for additional background information my LinkedIn profile.