The IT team serves the customer of the customer

The one thing that did not change between 1950 and 1989, the year that the world wide web was invented by English scientist Tim Berners-Lee, was the number of customer segments IT had to service. While the business consisted of multiple departments (e.g. marketing, operations), the wants and needs of the business were relatively homogeneous, stable and moderately complex.

Today’s customer segments of IT are both internal and external, heterogeneous, dynamic and highly complex. To be a business partner, IT has to sense and act on the fundamental shifts taking place in many B2C and B2B segments. With both the up- and downstream parts of the digital value chain crossing company boundaries,

Less inside, more outside represents the ability to manage multiple heterogeneous customer segments.

Only when IT embraces the fact that it happens ‘out there’ instead of within the four company walls, non-distinct technology can be turned into a strategic company asset.

No more hiding behind the business’s skirt, but embracing the marketing and business concepts required to thrive in hybrid and digital markets. Markets that all have their specific needs and wants affecting both the positioning of IT and its value propositions.