The business needs both a flashy speed boat and reliable cargo ship

Google and Apple dominate the mobile market using different approaches. Apple’s success is based on a centralized, designer-centric corporate culture, while Google relies on distributed teams consisting of highly skilled individuals to make the right decisions.

Differentiation can also be observed at an operational level. Marketeers want to try new things on a daily basis, while the controllers and bookkeepers of the finance and administration (F&A) department prefer stability and predictability. Marketeers enjoy rally and off-road racing, while controllers tend to take the train for its excellent safety record.

The higher the technology-density of the market, the more important it becomes for IT to sense and act on the relative importance of co-creation, speed-to-market, flexibility, robustness, efficiency or other sources of contextual value. In hybrid and native digital markets this value can be equal or even surpass the base value represented by the functional requirements.

Less uniform, more differentiated represents the ability to deliver contextual IT solutions.