Business and IT executives are increasingly working side-by-side in an effort to strengthen their company’s strategic advantages, capture new markets that are often digital, and to realize value from disruptive technologies. Many professionals responsible for defining and executing IT Strategy are being continuously pressured to act on the digitalization of their company’s business model and to become more agile, innovative and pro-active, yet they lack the knowledge and guidance to achieve sustainable success.


Sustainable success in digital markets requires a lot more than adopting Agile Scrum. A successful transformation of an analogue business model into a hybrid or digital equivalent touches on companies’ leadership style, culture, skill sets, strategy, business model, sourcing strategy and process model.


This powerful guide from IT executive and digitalization consultant François Zielemans provides a set of principles and practices that will help executives change their IT team from a introvert faithful servant into an extrovert business partner, connect business and IT teams by adopting a shared belief system and business model, converge or even fuse business and technology life cycles and increase the agility and effectiveness of the entire digital value chain. The Digital Manifesto provides a growth path for turning the potential value into realized value.


Key Features:

  • Discusses the key roles that strategy, business and process models, sourcing, leadership style, culture, and skill sets play in capturing new digital markets and realizing value from disruptive technologies
    Explains 6 foundational principles to realizing sustainable value from IT investments, and provides tangible tools and methods, such as business IT convergence, agile, and value-based IT management, to turn theory into practice
  • Provides frameworks, models, and structure, and the best practices and guidance needed to operationalize and tailor the concepts to the objectives and maturity level of an organization
  • Supplies small case studies to give readers the opportunity to see how each of the 6 principles have been applied in the context of actual companies
  • Web Added Value offers IT business model canvases for analogue, hybrid and digital  business models, and a template for calculating net present value of outsourcing, with and without real options–available from the Web Added Value™ Download Resource Center at

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